How To Fix Marriage – Who we Are and Our Mission

Who We Are

At, we are dedicated to providing couples with practical advice, effective strategies, and valuable resources to overcome challenges and improve their relationships. We believe in the potential for growth and transformation in every marriage, and we’re here to support couples on their journey towards a happier, healthier partnership.

Our Team

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Dating Coach Alex Johnson
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Author Jack Ways
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CEO Samantha Bin
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What We Do

  • 📲 Comprehensive Resources: We offer a wealth of articles, guides, and tools covering a wide range of topics related to marriage and relationships. Whether couples are facing communication issues, trust issues, intimacy issues, or any other marital challenges, we have resources to help them address them effectively.
  • 🧩 Expert Advice: Our platform features insights and advice from experienced relationship experts, counselors, and therapists who specialize in marriage counseling and relationship improvement. We provide couples with expert guidance to navigate their challenges and strengthen their bond.
  • 👨‍💻 Interactive Support: In addition to our informative content, we provide interactive support through forums, community groups, and online counseling sessions. Couples can connect with others facing similar issues, share experiences, and receive support from peers and professionals alike.

Our Mission

  • Empower Couples: We empower couples to take proactive steps towards improving their relationships and overcoming challenges.
  • Provide Practical Solutions: We provide couples with practical advice and effective strategies that they can implement in their daily lives to strengthen their marriage.
  • Promote Growth and Transformation: We believe in the potential for growth and transformation in every marriage, and our mission is to help couples unlock that potential and create a fulfilling partnership.